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PCON 3D Interior Design Program for Experts


To make creating easier we have cooperated with pCon, a professional 3-D design tool. With pCon planner you can import your drawings into pCon or export pCon files, you can continue modelling on the imported files, choose real-life objects from the brand catalogue, take renders, export the spaces into virtual reality, make videos, prepare offers. On pCon you can find all Mikodam products with all the price information. pCon offers a platform for professionals, understanding and fulfilling their needs.

pCon also has mobile applications which allow the user to do quick project sketches with the brand catalogue items while having all the information on these products at all times. On pCon Facts you can reach the brand catalogues, viewing all offered products on your smartphone or tablet. The information provided is interactive; you can see the customizability options and choose between them to create your desired combination. You can get technical information on products and export images to share or save.


You can save the image of the combination you have created within the application. With the AR mode you can place the product of choice to your camera view getting a better idea of how the products might look there. You can reach the price information and prepare an article list with your desired objects having the option of technical and price information visible. You can have several article lists and use them as templates as well.

pCon Box is an application for creating quick sketches and presentations. You can reach all product catalogues on it, import drawings or photos into the application and place the catalogue products on them to find quick solutions. You can save different projects within the application to reach them later. You can reach product configurations and technical information. With the AR mode you can place the product of choice to your camera view. You can create article lists, import images and prepare quick presentations for your clients.

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Import models in different formats (DWG, SKP, 3Ds etc.) into your plans, or download suitable models from connected supplier catalogs.

Draw 3D Room Plans

Instantly create data lad, 3-dimensional floor plans. Regardless of whether you’re from scratch or loading an existing plan, simply and quickly edit and share others. Whether you want to create structures, ziesqn objects or customize items, with pCon planner design emotions you can let your creativity run wild.


Please download and browse through pCon using the
below instructions and screenshots in following pages:

Download pCon update from the Applications section on your own page. After marking the Basket and Marketing edition at the bottom, please download the “pCon.update DataClient Standard (required)” program from the Download Page link at the top.

It will then ask you once more for your password. If you follow these steps you should be able to see all the catalogs we have joined. Analyze the Mikodam Catalogue If you have any further questions regarding the use of this tool please send them to

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