With its unique design, YUKO is an acoustic accent chair offering an unparalleled sense of comfort. The egg shape surrounds the user with the voices the armchair faces and leaves out the ones behind it. Through the collection and reflection of sounds, YUKO offers better conversations, a private space of your own and acoustically enhanced interiors.


You can create the YUKO combination of your choice by selecting the body material from different fabric options for seat, backrest and headrest.

 Violet Fabric - KLE

 Brick Fabric - KLC

 Green Fabric - KLD

 Blue Fabric - KLG

 Yellow Fabric - KLB

 Anthracite - KLF

 Beige Fabric - KLA

YUKO takes its inspiration from the egg - the starting point of many life forms on Earth. Along with its acoustic features, YUKO will provide an atmosphere sheltered from external noises in living spaces. A different perspective is presented by its elegant style, various color combinations and different leg options.


With its innovative, modern and unique design, YUKO will add efficiency to office, home or corporate living spaces. Both comfortable and functional, with its different and vibrant material and color options and acoustic features, YUKO offers different leg materials as well as swivel base options.