Design is a search for a better future and an improved present. In today’s world we all have individual needs. Everyone craves designs that are made for them for the ideal sense of comfort. And they want to be freed from limits, living as they wish, doing things whenever they want to. Now, it is time to enjoy each moment, to reach a higher quality in living, to go beyond your limits.

In the modern world time is valuable therefore it should be flexible. The spaces where we perform our activities have shifted centering a majority of these activities within the domestic environment. Our houses have been redefined and the new way of living has made it a must to reflect these changes into the design of our homes. Spaces need to be able to assist the transformed daily routines. Comfort is necessary enabling us to overcome the challenges of everyday life. In the name of getting the most out of the time we spare for ourselves we are now granted the option of high-quality entertainment choices that are not limited to content, place or time. Options such as home-theaters, high-quality audio and recording systems, vinyl records, improved conventional equipment, streaming platforms, video games, virtual reality and many expanded possibilities are now available for those with sophisticated tastes.

As such technologies develop so should interiors; a need for spaces that are designed for audio-visual requirements has emerged, meaning that such a space should serve both aesthetic and technical issues with an end-result that is visually and acoustically satisfying, reaching full integrity. The spaces such activities are held in should be complementing, in every aspect. This way the systems that you invest your time, energy and resources in can reach their best performances.

Of course, this subject reaches far beyond interior entertainment; it is the ongoing issue of how you feel when you walk into a space, what you see, what you admire, what you hear… Mikodam considers what increases an interior’s quality, how it could reach its full potential, how you can reach complex compositions that come with ease pleasing the aesthetic appetite, how you can reach designs that are less-consuming yet inspiring, and how you can have more time for yourself in spaces you feel free in.

Mikodam has brought a unique solution that addresses all these issues with its acoustic wall and ceiling panels. Mikodam designs are exclusive, customizable, acoustic and sustainable. What Mikodam offers deals with the issues of taste, quality and function. Mikodam solves and improves for you.

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Mikodam Luxury Feature Wall
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