Customizability is one of our solutions; this way you get to be a part of the creative process, transforming the pieces Mikodam offers into a unique design. Mikodam 3D wall panels are mounted onto a rail system, all panel lines use the same rail system allowing them to be used with one another. You can choose from the material and color choices and transform each piece a unique piece, experimenting with the different options each product has to offer. Through rotations and combinations you will reach the right amount of flexibility that will inspire you.

All Mikodam walls and ceilings have a style of their own that subtly refers to the milestones of design, combined with the mindset and technology of the present. Mikodam 3D wall panels offer a strong stand when expressing yourself, reaching integrity not only within the interior but also across the timeline of design. At Mikodam there is a panel for every taste.

We want to make it clear that what we aim is to humbly inspire you transforming the imagined into reality. With Mikodam panels you get to be a part of the creative process without having to deal with issues such as manufacturing, quality, detail solving. We believe in the power of design, and sharing the same passion for it, we want to improve spaces, together, increasing the delight we get in them.




There are 15 lines of 3D wall panels; choose the ones you want to use. Keep in mind that different lines can be used with one another. Mikodam’s material options are natural wood veneer (oak, teak, walnut), lacquer (grey, white, anthracite) and fabric (yellow, green, blue, brick, violet, beige, anthracite). Check the available material options for the panels you choose as well as the options on how to combine materials.

If the option is available, decide between perforation choices to enhance the acoustic properties of your panels.

The 3D wall panels are designed in a way that allows them to be rotated 90, 180 and 270 degrees.Rotate, combine, create… By using different lines, materials and colors and through rotations create unique patterns.

How to compose them is all up to the designer; they can be used on walls, ceilings, as overhang claddings, next to stairs, as headboards… They do not have to cover the full wall; the panels will have an impact on acoustics even when used as singular art-pieces.

Mikodam specialists are at your service, providing visual assistance for any of these steps. Contact one right away.

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Even though Mikodam panels are complex products, their application is fairly easy: A rail system is applied to the wall and the panels are mounted onto the rails, making it possible to change the panels if desired. Check our Installation Guide.

It is guaranteed that your interiors will be breathtaking with Mikodam wall and ceiling panels. Start the change for the better now!

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