Mikodam brings natural and industrial together, creating materials that benefit from new technologies while inspiring from what nature has to offer us. We believe that using materials such as wood, along with the new options we have, has a balancing effect, to our surroundings and to our souls.

Mikodam chooses conscious materials regarding their environmental effects as well as their effects on humans, from manufacturing to end-user. We use world class brands that are environmentally sensitive. We care for all the lives we touch. Health is one of the most important factors in design, and it is one of the important steps in our search for quality.

Certifications of Mikodam Products & Raw Materials

For our products we use high quality raw materials and make sure our suppliers can offer the below given certificates and regulations.

Mikodam works with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers. FSC regulates legal and environmental use of forest resources. It ensures the protection of forests and that necessary raw materials are obtained in a sustainable way.


Mikodam seeks materials that are approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or accredited standards as such approved by EU. EPA regulations inspect the effects of production and products over human health and environment.


The MDF Mikodam uses are CARB2 (California Air Resources Board Phase 2) certified which is a certification of low formaldehyde emission. CARB2 certificate protects human health as well as the environment.

CE marking shows that all products are manufactured in accordance with European Union standards and that the products meet safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

ISO certificates present points of quality that are internationally recognized. Both Mikodam productsand their materials are ISO certified. The certificates listed here are certifications of a reliable andeffective quality management systems that are internationally accredited.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate
ISO - OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Safety Management System Certificate


Using E1 certified products is an important matter to Mikodam. E1 certify that the chemicals used inthe panels are harmless to human health, in accordance with European standards.


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a globally recognized certificate that takes into account the effects of a product on environment throughout its life cycle. It regulates conscious and sustainable production. EPD certificate confirms that Mikodam products are sustainable, recyclable,energy-efficient; have low emission and VOC values, and efficient waste management.


Like other materials Mikodam uses, the raw plywood used are manufactured strictly according to the European sustainability standards. Our suppliers provide materials that are from sustainable sources, and conform to all regulations such as EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation). They are either PEFC or FSC certified.


Mikodam offers the option of using FR certified materials which are fire resistant and fire retardant at European standards. The fire resistant Mikodam products are certified by QCS according to ASTM-84 standards.


Coating & Paint

Mikodam uses water-based coatings and paints. The coatings used are non-carcinogenic, environment and human-health friendly. These products are ISO 9001, and ISO 45001 certified with further certifications such as Silver Medal for Sustainability from EcoVadis that assesses international sustainability standards in accordance with ISO 26000.

Protective Oil

Protective oil is a surface coat for wood materials, it both protects the surface and gives it color. The oils Mikodam uses follow the EN 13501-1: EN ISO 11925-2 and EN ISO 9239-1 standards and are Bfl-s 1 certified. They are composed of non-toxic elements; they do not contain solvents, water or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC 0%). The oils are flammability-resistant. They are S1 compatible and have the least smoke emission feature. EMICODE describes the emission properties of various construction materials.


The fabric used in Mikodam products is Camira, an environmentally conscious brand producing fabrics of high quality. The line Mikodam uses is 100% virgin wool with non metallic dyestuffs. It is ‘Indoor Advantage Gold’ certified, and rapidly renewable and compostable.



TSE Turkish Standards Certificate of Conformity is a certificate that inspects the production and product quality, and competence in all aspects from hygiene to capacity. ISO certificates are included in this standardization. Mikodam products are TSE certified.


With true quality comes durability. Mikodam products will serve you for many years to come.

Today, we consume ideas easily and our creative side wants to be nourished with unique environments. Society is mobile, travelling, expanding… And when we settle down, we continue to seek the same sense of mobility, a change of environment. Mikodam feature wall & ceiling panels are designed to fit such needs as well. Though their designs are complex their application is quite easy; the panels are mounted on a rail system and can be changed when desired. This way you can have brand new interiors when you wish. While this brings a whole new perspective on how we live in our houses, it also opens up a wide range of possibilities for the entertainment sector. Spaces can be transformed according to the desires of the customers and the requirements of the events.

Mikodam offers such an option with the awareness that beyond aesthetics variety is now a need. Just like we do not eat the same food every day or wear the same clothes over and over, we seek a change in space as well. Mikodam offers a convenient way to make this possible.


Marine Plywood
Kleiberit Adhesive
Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus
Fire Protection Paint
Icro Coating FR
Fabric Camira
Acrylic Samsung Staron


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