Mikodam is an architectural products and furniture brand. It offers a unique solution with its exclusive line of wall and ceiling panels. With Mikodam you can transform your interiors in the blink of an eye and surround yourself with designs that are inspired and personalized. All Mikodam products are sustainable and highly customizable, offering their users the products they dream of.

Our aim is to create an effective design process by understanding the needs of architects, interior architects and designers by taking their opinions into account. Our aspiration is to be open-minded, meticulous and to keep learning continuously. Mikodam was born to carry forward the legacy of IKOOR to the retail market. IKOOR has had dealings in the contract furnishings industry since 1993. Operating at a high standard of quality with woodworking, finishing, metalworks, upholstery and assembly-line departments, IKOOR has brought many prestigious projects to fruition globally, with the pride of full customer satisfaction.

This extensive experience originates from a quarter century of know-how. Mikodam presents an exclusive line of stylish furniture and wall panels offering luxurious items which aim to create sophisticated interiors. Mikodam’s creative, elegant, and versatile furniture and wall panels have the signature of Melih Gun & Ceren Katherine Stark Gun, both industrial designers. As the founders and owners of both companies, they lead the Mikodam Design Team which helps bring these products to life.



Technical Side

We always seek progress nourishing our designs with technology and innovations. Mikodam combines its deep-rooted knowledge of traditional design with a forward-looking attitude in modern design. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been using digital design tools, developing continuously. We use special techniques for manufacturing, using machinery such as CNC and computational design and parametric design agents that have proven to be the leading ones in the world. We work with professionals and consultants on acoustics, fire safety, and civil engineering, collaborating with universities. Our aspiration is to be open-minded, meticulous and to keep learning continuously.

We use software tools like Rhinoceros/Grasshopper, Autocad for technical drawings, and Alphacam / CNC for production. We use parametric modelling and Totalstation software tools for topographic measurements, especially in large projects like Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku & Turkish Airlines Lounges in Istanbul Airport, where the project consists of many unique parts which have to be worked out separately in 3D.

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