Mikodam Compact Panels

A revolutionary material blending lighweight construction with unparalleled durability


This advanced material is showcased through 9 of Mikodam's distinguished lines, each embodying their commitment to quality and innovation.

Mikodam offers a curated selection of 10 vibrant finishes in their standard cartela. However, the compact panels are highly customizable, allowing customers to choose from a spectrum of colors and patterns, including surface print options.


The possibilities are limitless. With options ranging from wood, natural stone & concrete to metal or solid color finishes, all designed with ultra color intensity. At Mikodam, your creative vision knows no bounds.

Standard Panel Dimensions


Seam Option



The panels can be applied with or without seams. Seams frame each panel, adding a distinct edge and accentuating the shape. If the design includes seams, the full application must incorporate them. Additionally, it's important to consider that seams will increase the measurements, so the project should be planned accordingly.

Easy Installation


Method 1

There are 2 installation methods.

The first method uses U and Z shaped profiles. The panels come with Z shaped hanging profiles on them. During the installation, U shaped hanging profiles are mounted on to the wall and the wall panels are assembled to these.


With the first method, the panels can easily be switched with other Mikodam panels.





The panel packages include connection pieces.

These thin slabs are placed in between the panels allowing a perfect fit while mounting.

Method 2

The second method does not use any hanging profiles. The panels can be glued onto a metal structure. Special silicon adhesive for compact material is applied on the backside of the panels and the metal structure. The panels are then assembled onto the metal profiles.